Thursday, May 19, 2011

24 Reasons I Love My Therapy Sessions

Blogger's note: A client recently shared* that their therapy sessions are a highlight of their week.  They were surprised that I was surprised!  Upon reading the list of reasons I was moved and gratified.  Life-giving care that helps our clients to improve relationship with God, themselves and others is the reason we exist. 

Why I love my therapy sessions...
1.  It improves my outlook on life.
2.  I feel better about my faults.
3.  It helps me to see fallacies in my thought processes.
4.  It is a scheduled time in my week where I am committed to working on my mental health.
5.  I am accepted just as I am, no matter what.
6.  There is almost always something to laugh about, or at least enjoy.
7.  It makes me REALLY think about my relationships with God, family and friends.
8.  I can set priorities in my life better after talking them out with someone trained to walk me through my convoluted thinking.
9.  Mutual respect and sharing.
10.  I learn something new each time.
11.  It motivates me to improve myself.
12.  I am encouraged to be my true self and to be true to myself.
13.  It strengthens my faith as I see prayers answered.
14.  I learn a new way of thinking and perceiving myself and those around me.
15.  The things I learn are things that I can take with me and share with others.
16.  It allows me to give encouragement and hope to others.
17.  It refreshes me and strengthens me for another week.
18.  The prayers.
19.  The laughter and the tears; the emotional involvement in my life from the very beginning.
20.  Godly counsel and wisdom.
21.  I don’t just feel loved, I know I am.
22.  It is a place where the impossible is possible.
23.  Healing my mind is just a stepping stone to healing my heart.
24.  The way my relationship with my Father has blossomed as a result of advice, example, and relationship.

*Used by permission
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